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About Thinkify, LLC

Thinkify, LLC focuses on applications of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. We provide system integration services, contract R&D, custom software and a collection of focused hardware and software products.

Our specialty is embedded RFID. -- Applications where we enable common objects, devices and whole environments to become aware of the world around them. This capability opens up new ways for people and objects to interact, allowing real-time visibility of the physical world from the virtual.

We Thinkify® things.

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With 30 years of combined experience in RFID and over 50 patents in the field, our founding team is one of the technically strongest in the industry. We work with customers to combine their knowledge of a particular domain with our knowledge of wireless technology to create innovative, custom products that open new markets.

Thinkify is a privately held company, located in Morgan Hill, California.


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